A unique fusion of hotel, showroom and retail space with Berlin's distinctive sensibility of juxtaposition.


TEAM: Sohyun Kim(Environmental Design), Taylor Cheng(Environmental Design), Mona Gabai(Graphic Design)

Project overview

Reimagine a new hospitality experience through the lens of Berlin's Shoppers.

Berlin is the place for rare finds, one-off fashion and handcrafted accessories that attracts Shoppers’ globally who are able to find just the right mix for their discerning and refined aesthetic. How do we design an extraordinary hospitality experience for "Shoppers" to better appreciate Berlin's unconventional sensibility that makes the city what it is. 



Thoas Lindner

While strolling along Mulackstrasse in Berlin, we saw a guy sitting in front of the store which is the one we were keep looking for. The guy followed us and we realized that he was the owner of the store: ButterFly SoulFire's. After we introduced ourselves, he said that he used to have a shop in the States. However, it didn't work well so now he focused on Berlin store. 


When we were exploring the Berlin fashion in Mitte, we entered a designer store and we met her first time. She welcomed us into her small studio space in the back of her store, with this sentence, “Welcome to my universe”. And that is how we named our hotel. Not only her clothes but also her personality fascinated me because her persona is reflected in her design. 


He designs "ReCLOTHINGS" which are individual design pieces from worn out work-wear, transformed into contemporary fashion and furnishing. His design is distinguished by expressive lines, robust sturdy extiles and one of a kind interpretations of cut outs-his finest fillets of wear and tear. He works with his clients personally, creating custom garments to fit their personality and everyday life. 


Based on conversations, most of designers have difficulty finding their customers. some of them has a very unique style therefore their design is not for everybody. they are mostly looking to have a better market for their product but at the same time they want customers to approach them first.


As we were walking around design stores we noticed that there are more tourism than the local people. Some of these international shoppers know what they are looking for. They come for one or two specific designer, they shop from them and don't confuse themselves with other things.

Also they keep looking for the right designers for their style. Basically they are curious to find new their own designers.


What if designers and shoppers could meet through the next evolution of fashion editorial?

The connecting point between shoppers and designers in Berlin. Visionaries and explorers meet in a living, breathing editorial, a vibrant eclectic and constantly evolving point of view on Berlin’s contemporary design scene. WTMU is a unique fusion of hotel, showroom and retail space with Berlin’s distinctive sensibility of juxtaposition.


WTMU is a part of the reemerging west Berlin fashion scene. 

Hardenbergplatz 2 is located nearby Bikini Berlin, the revitalized destination in the City West and the last piece of Bikinihaus. WTMU will be located from 13th floor to 15th floor of the building.


All public activities happen at 14th floor. And total 20 rooms are placed at 13 and 15th floor. 


The room is located behind the editorial boxes. Closet is located at the center of the room.


Exchamber is the place where designers and shoppers communicate together. Exchamber is located in the center of the hotel through 13 floor to 15 floor. 

Exchamber is curated as editorial spaces organize as workshop, event, story narrative, and showroom. 



in editorial, photo is the main medium to deliver message. that’s why WTMU need backdrop area where we can take all the photos which are projecting to inside of our hotel and also updating our website. While shoppers walk through photo studio, shoppers can feel the vibe of Berlin editorial more closely. Also Berlin designers can rent this studio to take their collection photos.



In stylist salon, there’s three stylist chamber and each chamber’s style is distinct from each other because stylists are curating their own stylist chamber from directly from Berlin fashion designers. Guests can choose one of three stylist chamber based on their style. 


Packaging Service

WTMU provides packing service taking care of guests' purchases. WTMU will carefully pack and ship your item to your home. When guest come back to home and open the box, it will remind experience in Berlin.



The restaurant is providing community space for designers, shoppers, buyers, editors, and collectors to exchange their ideas and taste. Designers can make a contract with buyers and curators or editors meet with WTMU stylist to get advice about photographic approaches and the selection of locations, props, clothing, models and overall look for photo shoots. As fashion changes based on each season, our chef and menu also changes. you can personalised your own menu and share you experience with others.


Lounge bar

The design of the lounge is continue of the idea of editorial boxes.  and above display hanging boxes will show you editorial photos, and latest information relating Berlin fashion and design.