Cancer counselling center for children and adolescent cancer patients and their family members.


Childhood patients and their family members need to get supports beyond clinical treatment, yet there's no such place. Sur-Vibe Center sponsored by Livestrong takes recovering processes to the next experience, providing home away from home environment.

Design Criteria

Many patients don't like cold feeling of hospitals. 

"What should I do?" Many parents and teachers don't know what to do just after the child is diagnosed. 

Two third of survivors experience at least one of Late Effects symptoms.

Most of patients and family members face challenges, fears, and stresses during treatment period.

Make warm, welcoming and full of light environment.

Create place to help parents and teachers know about and cope with problems.

Create space for practical, emotional, and physical supports to deal with Late Effects.

Connect with others and get support through community area in ground level.


Research highlight

Cancer is No.1 cause of death in children. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.25.10 PM.png

Today most children who suffer from cancers 80% will survive. 

5 Year Survival Rates Source: American Childhood Cancer Organization

5 Year Survival Rates

Source: American Childhood Cancer Organization

But children pay the price for survival.


Late Effects:


Health problems that occur months or years after treatment had ended.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.08.29 AM.png

Two third of survivors experience at least one of late effects.



Jakob Booker (12 years old)

Cancer type: Leukemia

Onset age: 8 years old

Treatment type: Chemotherapy

Treatment Timeline:

Possible Late Effects: Getting 2nd cancer & learning disadvantage


Mary McKernan (9 years old)


Cancer type: Brain Tumor

Onset age: 9 years old 

Treatment type: Surgery, Chemo, and Radiation

Treatment Timeline:


Possible Late Effect: Learning Disorder & Emotional Problems


What if children patients/survivors and family could get supports beyond clinical treatment through home away from home environment? 


Initial Form Study

The design process initiated by form study.

Among several explorations, small Tree Houses are the best way to create warm, intimate and friendly place while allowing full of sunlight and smooth air flow.   




Sur-Vibe center is here for children patients/survivors and family members offering the practical, emotional, and physical support.



Located in multiple dwelling zone to bring more community members easily and create home away from home feeling. 

1402 Veteran Ave, Los Angeles, CA (50'x118', 7,726 sq ft)

Ground Level

Ground level is a place for community. Community become a strong foundation to pump a good vibe out to start a new cycle.


Main Entrance

Full of light and open space for everyone to meet others or simply take some relaxing time in nature.


Welcoming Area

Enjoy a cup of tea or fresh juice at Sur-Vibe welcoming station and spend some quality time with others or by yourself in lawn seats.



Place for run, swing, and laugh. Also intimate exercise classes are possible to lift kids' confidence and energy inside. 



Sur-Vibe Section




Entrance & Office

Trees are located in the middle of the space giving warm, welcoming and calming environment. 



Place for reading, contemplation, and relaxation while parents wait their children.


Counselling Room

Talk with cancer support specialists and psychologists to deal with emotional or practical issues.



Learn about eating a healthy, balanced diet, and also sit down at the community table to talk, laugh and cry or eat with other people. 


Tutoring SUPPORT building


One to One Tutoring

Individual tutoring classes for children patients and survivors focusing on returning to school after cancer treatment.


Group Classroom

Group classes such as art therapy or music therapy classes offer relaxation time to explore thoughts and feelings. Tables are foldable for variation usages of the room. 




Health Evaluation Room

Meet expert staff and get to know the information kids need before, during and after treatment. Also get supports to prevent from getting 2nd cancer. 


Physical Treatment Room

Take professional but playful physical treatment to build up kids' physical strength. Also there's hidden attic only for kids.