The glow of the moon meets a focused beam of sunlight

Project Overview

The goal of this project is to push boundaries, share dreams and imagine future solutions for providing people all over the world with portable off-grid lighting.

No matter where you are, we all live beneath the same sun and moon.

Soluna is a multi-functional light for the whole family, which combines a focused, directional “sun” beam from one side with the ambient glow of the "moon" from the other side. Both sun and moon always share the sky, illuminating the whole world. The sun shines a strong, direct light to let people work and study by day. When night comes, the moon redirects the sun's light to the earth, providing a warm glow for people to gather.


Design Criteria



Is it universal enough to give a strong impression to multiple demographic?


is it useful enough to bring people together? 


Is it cool enough to show off to my neighbors like as iphone?


Is it possible to buy with only 5$?


During this project, I didn't have the opportunity of visiting people worldwide living in off-grid. Instead, I obtained insights from Little Sun by Olafur Eliasson, Nike Foundation, Proximity Design who have done field research. 


Little Sun

It is important to design as simple as possible for minimising manufacturing costs and easy to fix later.

-Felix Hallwachs, Managing Director

Nike Foundation

Girls see light as a connector. When there is light, families and friends sing, dance and pray.

- Tom DeBlassis, Design Innovation Director

Proximity Design

In the village without electricity, the majority households use candles or kerosene lamps and barely realise advantages of using solar powered lighting.

-Su Mon, Head of Rural Energy Business Unit




Live for 2 nights without electric lights 

To understand off-grid life, I lived for 2 nights without electric lights. On first day, I used 5 candles to light up my place. On second day, I made a solar lantern by modifying $1 outdoor solar lamp from dollar tree. 




initial idea sketches from insights 


Based on ideation, I made 4 different concept mockups. While testing mockups only using single led light, dual light type seems most efficient and useful. Placement of light source and parabolic reflector is a challenge. Also, finding adequate designed legs for better position is required to improve.