A Concept store which demonstrates Fuelband usage in an intuitive and entertaining way.




A Concept store for people who desire to stay fit get encouraging supports for improving their health by participating interactive games and one-to-one consulting to understand how their movements convert as Fuel. 



The Nike+ FuelBand is electronic wristband that tracks your activities. As part of the quantified self movement, the Fuelband allows the wearer to track his physical activity, steps taken daily, and amount of calories burned. The information from the wristband is integrated into the Nike+ online community and phone application, allowing the wearer to set his own fitness goals, monitor his progression, and compare himself to others part of the community.


The Third Street Promenade is an upscale shopping, dining and entertainment complex in Santa Monica. It is a pedestrian-friendly Southern California attraction with full of lively energy.


I chose 3 IDEO Method Cards to understand both Nike+ itself and consumers.

Extreme User Interview

Customer Interview in the store 

“I bring my fuelband to this store because I have trouble to update my data in my Nike+ website.”

- Tom / 62

“I bought this to my mother but she returned it after a whlie becuase she didn’t get the idea of the band.”

- Jeff / 32

“Everyday I compete with my best friend using Nike+ fuel score. It’s fun.”

- Morrison /27

→ Many People want to use Nike+ Fuelband but some of them have trouble with technical issues and a hard time to understand ‘Fuel’ which is a new word created by Nike.   



Fly on the Wall

Observation People’s activities

When customers enter nike store, customers look around the store overall. And then, they find the location where the product they want to try or buy is placed. 

However most of the customers look like don’t have any specific products they desire to buy. Some of them just visit the store to look around trendy shoes and apparel. And some customers are not sure what products are good for them. 


Many people are loyal to Nike. They like not only Nike’s products but also Nike’s brand identity. They believe what Nike is doing and are willing to try Nike’s new products without hesitation.  

Try It Yourself

Brought My Own Nike+ Fuelband

When I wore the band at the first time, I felt like that I became already healthier than before. To update my data from Fuelband, I downloaded Fuelband app in my iphone. Whenever I reach my daily goal, a small cute character congratulate my progress.

However, I started not wearing Fuelband after 3 weeks later. It was not easy to keep motivated only by the electronic wristband. I wish to know someone who use it together.


→ Nike+ really needs to get involve to foster user group community for supporting both users and its brand.






Among twelve possible names, I chose ONE. 

Meaning of ‘ONE’

One primarily represents strong will, positivity, pure energy, and new beginnings. Especially, the number ‘1’ means the winner who win the first prize in sports games. Also, one expresses improvements by combining with Nike+ ahead. 




Final Logo

To presenting one of prominent characteristics of Nike+, I applied LED dots to create swoosh. 38 small dots form a swoosh giving a high technological feeling. I chose Avant Garde typeface for my logotype because of its simple and overall round shape felt right for Nike+ brand image. I adjusted descender height of letter ‘p’ to cover letter ‘o’. Also, I tilted the whole logotype down 7 degrees to make it fit with swoosh. 

  • Typeface_Avant Garde 
  • Color_Swoosh_C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=10
  • Logotype_C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=90
  • IItalic_7 degrees