A Coffee Tasting Event to awaken coffee drinkers to better appreciate their love of coffee, and the bean.  


doubts of the coffee's third wave

We are in Coffee’s Third Wave. Third wave came with roastery coffee houses: stumptown, intelligentsia, blue bottle. Those coffee connoisseurship, where beans are sourced from farms instead of countries, roasting is about bringing out rather than incinerating the unique characteristics of each bean, and the flavor is clean and hard and pure. 

However, there are doubts of the third wave. First of all, masses’ perception of coffee is still just normal beverage to wake them up in the morning. Also, roastery coffee houses are facing expansion issues which can dilute their important philosophy of coffee. In addition, there’s no certain coffee bean rating system which people can trust. 



It's time to ready for fourth wave: A new focus on the whole coffee experience beginning at the farming operations through roasting and brewing. God in a Cup will let people know how to appreciate and rate coffee itself to welcome the fourth wave of coffee. 


in la Live

L.A. Live is an entertainment complex in downtown LA. During LA Food and Wine festival, there would be 22 delicious events such as live culinary demonstrations, world-class wine and spirit tastings, strolling marquee events, one-of-a-kind lunches, two Lexus Grand Tastings, book signings, after parties and much more in L.A. Live. God in a Cup will be the part of this pleasant and savory festival.


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