A Kit that Allow Girls to Wash, Dry and Carry Reusable Sanitary Pads.

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Project Overview

The goal of this project is to generate new thinking for radically affordable tools that can be leveraged for the economic advancement of adolescent girls, unleashing the girl effect. We focus on the challenge of creating and refining tools that are relevant to communities across the globe.


Design Criteria


The Problem

Menstrual Cycle is  Taking Over Girls' Life

Social stigma, and lack of sanitary items:
Girls miss school or even drop out completely



Can't thoroughly wash or dry reusable pads: 
Cause reproductive infections and illnesses



Lack of privacy: 
Can't workaround during menstrual bleeding



Lack of social support due to taboos: 
Loose confidence to be who she wants to be


The Solution

A Kit that Allow Girls to Wash, Dry and Carry Reusable Sanitary Pads


Attend school during menstrual bleeding without worrying about others finding out



Able to fully wash and dry reusable sanitary pads every day during menstrual bleeding



Able to wash, dry and carry sanitary pads without being visible to public



Planting the seed to change the mindset towards menstrual cycle to be socially acceptable


During this project, we didn't get the opportunity to do primary research like as visiting girls worldwide living in poverty. Instead, we obtained insights from Nike Foundation and Fuseproject who have done field research. In addition, we have read related articles and papers as secondary research. 


Only 10% of girls are using disposable pads since their family cannot afford them



Faith dried other women's rags in her hut since she did not live with men. Rags that are hung inside will not fully dry and can evolve into a breeding ground for bacteria. 

- Nicholas Kristof NY Times 2011


School hand-washing station is located between the female and male toilets, offering no privacy to girls for washing menstrual leaks or stains.

- WASH MHM Conference 2012


Cloth is hung out to dry in a dark corner away from the sight of men. Women advise one another: “Hide the cloth. If men see it, they will lose their sight.”

- Lakshmi Murthy 2006

Ideation Sketches

Washer Criteria:

  • Less water 
  • Use less energy
  • Easy to wash
  • Fun to wash

Carrying Case Criteria:

  • Invisible
  • Affordable
  • Storage
  • Eliminate Odor

Dryer Criteria:

  • Invisible Outside
  • Affordable
  • Dries fast 
  • Portable


Spinning washer mock-up

Test 1: Ketchup & Soysauce, Successfully came out with salt & baking powder

Test 2: Animal Blood, Successfully came out with salt & baking powder

Challenge: Sealing and Safety

Design Refinement

Business Plan